medicare plans in arizona

medicare plans in arizona

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Medicare health insurance in Arizona :medicare plans in arizona
• Nearly 1.3 million Arizona residents have Medicare coverage.
• About 39 percent of Arizona Medicare beneficiaries had Medicare Advantage plans as of 2017. (Most of the rest had Original Medicare, but some had Medicare Cost plans.).
• 60 insurers offer Medigap plans in Arizona, but none offer coverage to people under age 65.
• Arizona’s Part D enrollees are split roughly equally between those with stand-alone Part D plans and those with Part D integrated with Medicare Advantage.
• Per-enrollee Original Medicare spending was about $8,700 in 2016 (about 9 percent lower than the national average).

Medicare in Arizona.
Medicare offers healthcare coverage to Arizona residents age 65 or older, or to those Arizona residents that suffer from certain medical disabilities. In 2016, 1,261,000 people are enrolled in Medicare in Arizona, accounting for 18.5% of the population in Arizona. In 2009 about $9,395 was spent per Medicare enrollee in Arizona, approximately 9.36% lower than the national average of $10,365. From 2015 to 2030 the senior population in Arizona is projected to more than double (estimated 100.73% increase) according to calculations based off of the 2000 Census. Thus the number of Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona is also expected to substantially increase.

Local Medicare Resources.
Medicare beneficiaries and their caretakers can receive free, one-on-one, and unbiased health benefits counseling from Arizona’s State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). Furthermore, Arizona participates in a national Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) program which aims to educate individuals on how to detect, avoid, and report cases of Medicare waste, fraud, and/or abuse.

A Medicare Advantage plan helps fill in the gaps that Original Medicare does not cover. With Blue Medicare Advantage plans, you get all of the health and medical benefits of Original Medicare plus additional benefits and services. This includes lower cost-sharing for inpatient and outpatient services and coverage for prescription drugs– all in one convenient, easy-to-use plan. You pay one monthly premium for both your health and prescription drug coverage.
BCBSAZ Advantage offers three Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan options that can help you bridge the gaps in Original Medicare coverage, with flexible options available to fit your individual needs.

Even though Medicare Supplement plans in Arizona with the same letter designation don’t vary in coverage or benefits, each independent insurance company offering Medicare Supplement plans is allowed to determine its own monthly premium structure. Some Medigap plans charge all members the same premium, while other plans depend on your age when you enroll and go up as you get older. Because costs may vary by insurance company and location, this means that a resident of Tucson in Pima County may pay more or less than a resident of Phoenix in Maricopa County for an identical Medicare

Supplement plan. It can be to your advantage to compare all Medicare Supplement plans in Arizona available to you, and then make your final choice based on your personal budget and health requirements.
With so many Medicare Supplement plan options available in Arizona, it’s important that you understand what each plan has to offer before making your choice. To get help selecting the plan that works for your personal health needs, feel free to start browsing coverage options in your area using the plan finder tool on this page. Or, if you have questions about finding coverage that may work for your needs, call eHealth to speak with a licensed insurance agent today.

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